Chronicles of Madness – Episode 28


In our 28th episode of Madness Chronicles, we’re going to take a look at the insanity of a lack of understanding. Remember, insanity is a state of mental illness, extremely insane behavior, and a state of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let’s take a look at our current madness after the last presidential debate.

Last Friday morning, after Thursday night’s presidential debate, America witnessed the degree to which our education has fallen into the trenches of despair. President Trump, responding to a question, said, “Children are brought here by coyotes and a lot of bad guys, cartels, and they’re brought here, and they were using them to get into our country.”

In response, his opponent, Joe Biden, said, “Those 500+ children came with their parents … the coyotes didn’t bring them,” Joe Biden said, responding to President Trump. violates any notion of who we are as a nation. And America listened and responded.

Twitter lit up like the night sky on July 4. An anonymous tweet read: “How the hell does a coyote get an entire human across the border ?! A tweet from Karlous read:” Since when did coyotes start bringing children here? “Say what? Then Fraser actress Peri Gilpin Tweeter,“ Kids are brought here by coyotes? ”Umm? Nicole Schumann of PR News Online wrote,“ What does it mean? Children are brought here by coyotes? “? Is that so?

Oh, it’s better. Someone on Twitter named CEOHarvey tweeted: “Kids are bought here by coyotes” -WTF, DONALD TRUMP. Tennessee Titans full-back Khari Blasingame replied: “I thought I tripped when I heard that.” Are they adults? Then there was actor and producer Sendhil Ramamurthy, who tweeted, “Damn, coyotes are so much smarter and more capable than I’ve ever given them credit for. I apologize for underestimating you. “

Politicians also weighed in. Georgia State Representative Dar ‘shun Kendrick said, “Did @realDonaldTrump just say that 545 kids they can’t find their parents went through’ cartels and coyotes’? ! Lord – stop talking, “And another professional football player stepped in too. Cleveland Browns star Eric Metcalf,” The kids came on the coyotes to America!?! Am I missing something? ”Looks like you are missing something, Eric.

We saved the best for last. These two tweets propel us into new lows of social ignorance. Natalie Campisi of Forbes Magazine (let that sink in) said, “I’ve seen a lot of coyotes here at SoCal, but I’ve never seen one carrying a child.” She later allegedly deleted her tweet. Smart move, Natalie.

You may remember the name, David Hogg. He rose to fame after a school shooting in Florida when the Left paraded him singing their anti-gun song. David, who now attends Harvard University, tweeted: “Imagine calling immigrant parents who bring their children to the United States for a better life” Coyotes. The level of xenophobia is disgusting. ” Do you know what’s more disgusting, David? Ignorance runs through our American society in 2020.

The crowning glory of the coyote crisis comes from USA Today. They felt the need to clarify the matter in an entire article. Their title reads, Fact-check: Trump didn’t mean real ‘coyotes’ were taking children across the border. If you need more proof of our descent into ignorance, keep reading USA Today.

For the record, a “coyote” is a common term among border patrol officers and politicians when talking about smugglers on the southern border.

May we wake up from this madness before it’s too late. I wish you good health, and until next time have fun, enjoy life and watch out for the madness among us. We are in 2020 and it is getting out of hand.


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