Cheap family trips you can afford and enjoy

If you want to take an inexpensive family vacation, one of the best tips I can give you would be to take a family vacation that includes some sort of outdoor adventure. I recently took a camping trip to Northern California and the trip was great because it didn’t require any extra income or expense to have a great time. What we did was take our tent with our sleeping bags and then camp by a lake called the Little Grass Valley Reservoir. During the day we swam and mountain biked and in the evening we just sat around the fire and played games.

So our cheap family vacation trip went very well. The kids weren’t on board because there was always something to do, if they wanted to go swimming they just went down to the lake and jumped in. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I saw my kids so happy and happy without spending the time with the large sums of money that we would spend if we went to a place like Disneyland. We took a trip to Disneyland a few years ago and ended up spending thousands of dollars getting our kids upset and frustrated that we couldn’t ride all the rides they wanted.

Starting next weekend why don’t you take your family camping. You can bring your fishing rods and mountain bikes which will occupy most of your camping time. I think we spent a total of about $100 just for camping and that included our food and cooking fuel. So you can do the same with your family if you don’t have the budget to treat yourself to a vacation with a large family.

I recommend checking your local park service guide to find parks near you that have a lake or some type of activity you can do while camping. I live in Colorado, so it’s easy to find nearby national parks and state parks. We can hike and camp just about anywhere, but wherever you live, you probably have hiking and camping closer than you think.

Family camping and fishing are some of the best and cheapest vacations you can have. You spend quiet time with your kids and family without the hustle and bustle of a big amusement park. try

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