Figure Skating – There’s a lot more to knowing than watching skaters on TV

The grace and beauty on the ice is absolutely incredible, beyond belief, and the stars that make them real people behind the scenes work...

African tribes and how to create them

In the year 2099, humanity somehow managed not to blow itself up yet. It's been 96 years since the human genome was sequenced...

Are you getting the recommended amount of exercise?

No one is claiming that regular exercise not only improves overall health and fitness, but also lowers the risk of many life-altering chronic diseases....

Tennis – How vulcanized rubber changed the game

In my mind, the true history of tennis does not begin until the 1850s, when the first "modern" tennis balls were invented and used....

Athletic Greens Supplement Product Review

Athletes and people with an active lifestyle, or who are health conscious, need a good amount of nutrients to optimize their performance. Some...

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The benefits of RSS feeds to a website

It can be found on just about any web page today, the little square orange button that says "RSS"; unsurprisingly, most viewers don't...

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