But won’t eating chicken and fish lower my cholesterol?


Most people and many health experts believe that the cholesterol will be lowered by replacing chicken, turkey and fish with red meat.

So instead of eating steak and potatoes for dinner, they change their diet to chicken and potatoes. Instead of eating a roast beef sandwich, they eat a turkey sandwich. Instead of eating a burger, they eat fish and chips.

Most people, including health and fitness experts, have no idea how much cholesterol they eat in their daily diet and overall health plan. They, while well-meaning, are misinformed. They just don’t realize the amount of cholesterol in all animal products, including chicken and fish.

As Dr John McDougall says in his book, Ten Days to Dynamic Health, in a 3.5 oz serving,

Pork contains 90 mg of cholesterol

Beef 85mg

Chicken 85mg

Turkey 82mg

Lamb 82mg

Trout 73mg

Milk 49mg

Note that chicken contains as much cholesterol as beef; turkey has almost as much cholesterol as beef; and the trout is not up close.

On the contrary, all plant foods contain exactly 0 mg of cholesterol.

Are you serious about lowering your cholesterol which clogs arteries and causes disease? If so, adopt a plant-based diet.

All animal products, including cheese and milk, are loaded with cholesterol and this extra cholesterol builds up in your arteries and veins, increasing your blood pressure and your chances of having a heart attack or accident. cerebrovascular.

Are you ready to take charge of your body, your health and your life?

Fill up on the best foods for human health and fitness that are packed with superior nutrition, low fat, no cholesterol, and fewer calories for natural and easy weight loss.

Avoid and ultimately eliminate animal and dairy products which have excess fat, cholesterol, animal protein, chemicals, calories and absolutely no fiber.

The logical choice: plant foods in the form of whole fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains and whole legumes.

So the next time you eat chicken or fish and think these foods will lower your cholesterol, think again!


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