Best Ways To Travel With Paintball Equipment


It’s terrible to show up to a tournament and find your electronic hopper broke during the trip. This fiasco kicked off matches for many teams that weren’t as studious as they should have been when packing their bags. Your paintball gear is too valuable to just toss in a messy giant gym bag. Good players pay thousands of dollars on specialized equipment; a dented barrel on a $ 1,500 paintball gun is not taken lightly. The traveling paintball athlete must juggle not only to pack the right amount of the appropriate supplies, but also to pack them in a secure and protected manner. The solution is to choose the right size bag for the length of the trip you are making and the equipment you will need. Besides a specific bag for your marker, there are basically three types / sizes of bags available for sale.

The paintball backpack is comparable in size and shape to school backpacks or a day pack used by hikers, but specialized for carrying paintball gear. These bags are ideal for carrying your essential supplies around the field and back, but they rarely have enough room for a change of clothes or even a competition uniform. It’s good to own a paintball backpack just to keep your important gear together (but separate from your soft items) when traveling for longer periods. Larger duffel-style bags called paintball gear bags often contain not only your play equipment, but also a change of clothes, uniforms, and toiletries. These bags are the best choice for overnight trips of several days and come in various sizes. Some are more equipped than others to travel by plane, but better to carry everything you need when you go to an event. When traveling by plane, the best bags to use are paintball cases. These are similar in size to bags of paintball gear but have rigid outer shells or thicker canvas-like fabric. Paintball cases provide the best protection for your equipment to be handled safely by an airline.

When purchasing a bag to carry your travel supplies, it is best to shop at a paintball store. In reality, you can use any bag to carry your paintball gear, but not using specialized gear could leave you feeling overwhelmed and stranded at your event. The main difference between standard backpacks and travel bags and paintball bags is that bags designed for paintball have specialized features. Backpacks, gear bags, and paintball cases have Velcro straps on the inside to attach your supplies and keep them secure during transport. The best paintball gear bags have compartments to help separate clothing and keep dirty or wet supplies out of the dry. Paintball travel bags are also comparable in cost to other similar types of standard bags.

It is also important to realize that some equipment may have specific requirements, which makes them safer for travel. Your paintball mask for example must be packed with care. Many paintball masks are made with soft plastic surrounding the lens which often easily deforms when crammed into a bag with everything else. If this happens or your lenses are scratched, you will be distracted all day with uncomfortable eye protection and the game will not be as fun. The best way to carry a paintball mask is with a good soft velor bag and / or a hard goggle case. While this is yet another piece of luggage to carry with you, it is the best way to store and transport paintball goggles without warping the plastic or scratching the lens.

Carrying your paintball air tank is perhaps the most delicate piece of equipment to plan for. In flight, you can only travel with an empty air tank; you cannot fly with a full compressed air tank because it will become a bomb and it is against the law. However, you can drive with a full tank of air. The best paintball compressed air tanks cost over $ 200, so even the slightest scratch or trace can be heartbreaking. The best advice is to always carry your empty air tank in a sturdy rubberized tank cover, then wrap it all in bubble wrap and store it among your change of clothes or the pant leg of your paintball uniform. . The electronic hopper is an important piece of equipment on which the performance of your gun will greatly depend. There aren’t many protective cases specifically for paintball chargers for sale, but some brands come with them. It’s best to find the right size plastic container for safe storage and transport of your charger, especially if you’ve paid a lot for it. When transporting (and storing) it is best to remove batteries from electronic hoppers to avoid the potential disaster of a leak.

Carrying your paintball gun in a separate case is the smartest solution. For the most complete protection, a hard case is the best choice and will keep your marker the most secure. Unless you’re using a full-size gun holster, most paintball gun cases are quite compact and fit well in a larger gym or gear bag. If you don’t have access to a hard case, you can opt for a soft case, but it should also be wrapped in your paintball jersey and / or pants for maximum protection. When packing, always separate the barrel from your gun, wrap them in padding and preferably together. Some marker barrels have their own carrying case and they are good to use for the safest trips. If you are flying to a woodsball event, carrying a realistic military paintball gun to the airport or on the plane is not recommended. Given the turmoil in the world and the increased security at airports, an authentic assault rifle replica will surely raise an eyebrow and likely be confiscated.


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