Bernie’s last fight


With Trump in the White House, it seems our society has succumbed in many ways to a much lower common denominator. The divisions that exist have only exasperated the growing division that has turned humanity away from what is good and righteous. It is quite evident that, over the past 30 years, the atrocities of violence in our schools, entertainment venues, churches and other places where the public congregates have steadily increased in severity and frequency. Yet our leaders seem powerless to find solutions that would reverse all the horrific violence that is plaguing our society.

The truth is, no one seems to admit that there has been a generational decline in morals, ethics, financial stability as well as an increase in government laws, mandates and Supreme Court rulings that no ‘have only intensified the growing insensitivity of too many. With this recent attack on women’s rights, the long arm of an intrusive government has once again taken away an inheritance right. The government has no right to interfere with the right to choose women. This decision is between herself, her family and her God, not the government. As a nation, we have let down our society because we have either ignored, judged not credible, or otherwise rejected our own history. It is a very sad comment for this nation that our elected officials continue to abandon the American public by all the contentious behavior displayed in every electoral cycle and the legislative chambers in every state house throughout the Washington Wall.

The rise of violence not only in the United States but around the world continues and, with it, continues the demoralization of America. The Trump administration ushered in a series of contingencies that have exasperated the rise in instability and violence that we see almost every week. For two and a half years, when we should have put in place policies that would improve the standard of living of all Americans and reduce violent atrocities, our elected officials have done nothing. If we had done what New Zealand did in the wake of its latest act of terror, perhaps some of the violence we are seeing might have been avoided.

Today, Trump’s White House has once again created a storm of financial chaos with its trade policies that have already skyrocketed the cost of living. This at the same time when the majority of Americans can least afford it. Now, to distract America from the unfavorable economic reality caused by the most costly imposed tariffs, this administration has unleashed yet another military fiasco in the Middle East. This is just another example of an administration that doesn’t care about the American public. Since the days of Andrew Johnson, the United States has not been the subject of an incompetent and awkward president. A president who could once again endanger American forces and who has already caused one of the worst financial and economic calamities of our time.

With the warming of the primary season and rising summer temperatures, the temper of an increasingly frustrated public will undoubtedly erupt against the many reforms needed to stabilize the instability and insecurity created by dishonest policies. not only of this administration, but of past administrations. It is quite evident that the brotherhood of the American public has withered and died on this vine of so many wasted opportunities. And, with the political discord that is displayed by so many, it has only highlighted why the United States is so divided.

When you look at the political landscape for 2020, what the DNC is trying to do is pretty obvious. In their haste to thwart a Sanders nomination, they have endorsed virtually every other presidential candidate, especially Joe Biden. In this way, the necessary reforms that Senator Sanders hopes to implement will never materialize. A repeat of 2016 is almost a certainty. It was at this point that the DNC did everything possible to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for the Democratic nomination. It is high time the public began to realize that the status quo has not worked for decades for the majority of Americans and that radical change is needed to restore the American Dream to all Americans. It won’t happen under Trump and it sure won’t work under Joe Biden or any other candidate. Change is necessary for growth and rebirth. This is part of the message that Senator Sanders is sending to the American public.


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