Are there any cheap Disney World packages?


Most parents are looking for a good deal, especially on a luxury item like vacations. Most kids will tell you that they would love to go to Disney World more times than their parents can afford to bring them. The solution to these cravings is to find cheap Disney World packages. Fortunately, there are certain methods to meet the needs of budget conscious.

Arrival and departure mid-week
Airlines far prefer your flight in the middle of the week rather than on the weekends as these days are generally less popular. Most people want to start their vacation on a Saturday or Sunday so they can take less time off work or have another day off after they return home. Try to work your vacation days to accommodate a midweek flight to go against the norm and save money.

Fly and stay during the school year
If you have kids who aren’t in school yet or don’t mind taking them out for a few days, you’ll definitely save a few bucks by traveling while most of the other kids are hitting the books.

Stay at a Disney Resort
Usually, it costs more to stay closer to attractions, but Disney has decided to make it reasonable to add location convenience to the value of your vacation. If you stay at a Disney resort, you’ll get cheaper park tickets and have access to free public transportation or have free parking at all parks.

Choose from a budget or moderate resort hotel
Disney has four categories of resort hotels: Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villa. The Value and Moderate Notes are designed for families trying to stretch their dollar. The rationale for skimping a bit on accommodation is that you will be spending most of your time in parks or water attractions, so the room is just a place to rest for the next fun day.

Add a dining plan to your trip
If you book through the Disney website, you can add a dining plan. The dining plan allows you to prepay for your meals throughout your stay. Choose the best combination of snacks, quick service meals and table meals for your party. Your budget is set before you even arrive at the resort. This frees up time that you can use on your trip by adding what you spent on food instead of enjoying the Mickey Magic with your guests.


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