6 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Business Flight

It is strongly discouraged to prepare for a stressful period before you even arrive at your professional destination. The number of times a seemingly well-planned business trip can turn into a disaster in the making is not worth considering.

Be sure to do everything you can to ensure a safe and stress-free trip.

From personal experience, here are 6 ESSENTIAL things you should check off your itinerary before reaching your final destination and the official start of your business trip:

1. Online check-in

You wouldn’t believe the hassle that this one step saves. As soon as you can, usually 24 hours before flight departure, go online to your airline’s website and book online. Have your flight number handy, as well as your booking reference number or the name on the ticket.

Choose where you want to sit, ideally opting for an exit row, where you gain more legroom and the ability to get up and use the washing facilities without disturbing the person sitting next to you. Once your preferred seat is chosen and you have confirmation, all you have to worry about is checking in your baggage at the airport.

2. Travel light

Let’s be honest: unless you intend to postpone your vacation at the start or end of your trip, you want to travel as lightly as possible. If you plan to stay at your workplace for more than a few days, consider using the hotel laundry service and only take what you need for half that time.

Guys, you don’t need a costume selection. One, maybe two, is enough. Just change up your everyday look with cool ties and shirts.

Ladies, do you really need a change of clothes for every occasion? Remember, this is not a holiday. You work…

Packing light also makes transitioning to and from the airport much easier, not to mention reducing the risk of injury from carrying a heavy suitcase with you. Ideally, buy a rolling suitcase with a retractable handle, and spend as much as your budget allows, ensuring a long life.

3. Arrive early at the airport

Avoid the queues, check in in minimal time and give yourself time to gather your thoughts and buy any last minute things you might need during the trip. Remember to always check that you have travel plugs, adapters and batteries.

Arrive at your gate on time, then relax. Please avoid rushing through hallways trying to reach your closing door in time.

4. Eat light, drink little during your flight

Studies show that eating lightly on board a long-distance flight will reduce the risk of jet lag. Airline food is never known for its culinary delight, so do yourself a favor and eat before you leave home or the office.

If you’re hungry, don’t be tempted to eat everything on your tray. Avoid bread, dessert and coffee. Eat only the main course and then get rid of the tray.

Instead, focus on drinking plenty of water and staying well hydrated.

5. Use the time to exercise or sleep

There’s not much to do on a flight, but instead of sifting through paperwork and worrying about meetings and business, relax. Get some sleep, make yourself comfortable, and try to get up every hour or so just to stretch and move around. Depending on the length of your flight, avoid sitting in your seat for hours.

6. Reset your biological clock

Once on board, behave as if you were already at your destination. Reset your watch to local time and act accordingly. If it’s 3 a.m. at your destination, try to get some sleep. Let your body slide gently into its new time zone.

By following these 6 tips, you’re much more likely to arrive at your destination more alert, less tired, and ready to get going and get to work.

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