6 secrets of the funniest places to eat in New York

Taking a bite of the Big Apple is a fun and satisfying experience. There are so many places to go in the city that your taste buds can get carried away. But if you’re like me, New York City always calls my name and persuades me to come back again and again. This famous place known for making dreams come true is also quite famous for its dining experiences. And that’s what I love to eat in New York. Whether it’s grabbing a hot dog in Manhattan on your way to a show, finding a little Tai restaurant tucked away in Chinatown, or even going to a fancy dinner club like Jekyll and Hyde in Right downtown, it’s no secret that the sky is the limit for fabulous food.

1. Gorilla Cheese NYC:

I like a good trend and I also like a good grilled cheese sandwich. There’s a place in our hometown whose menu centers around this all-time favorite, so I wanted to check out the New York version that goes on the road. Gorilla Cheese NYC is one of the city’s most famous food trucks, and for good reason. The sensory overload menu is packed with aromatic cheeses, fresh bread varieties and toppings so you can choose exactly what you want on your sammie. I ordered the feature of the day, the Brooklyn Special, a perfect combination of asago, prosciutto parma on a carefully crafted upside-down panini. It was the best grilled cheese I have ever had. And then I topped it off with their mac and cheese bites. They had two thumbs up. It’s a good thing that this meal was a “road” and I had a few blocks to get to my next location so I could walk on top, satisfying calories.

2. Jekyl & Hyde Club:

Okay, the Jekyl & Hyde Club is not a place for the faint of heart. Located at 91 7th Avenue, their slogan is that anything can happen in their club restaurant and it is true. Prepare to fear death or be entertained, whatever you call it! I was on pins and needles and not sure my mind was right on the menu. The dark, dimly lit atmosphere reminds me of Halloween and the old ’60s TV series Dark Shadows. Creepy actors / waiters interacted with us as we ate creating a one of a kind vibe, “what’s going to happen next. But I was very happy with the delicious but spooky menu. Create Your Own Monster, Frankenstein’s burgers Favorite and The Mum left my mind wondering about the ingredients and who was cooking in the kitchen. The burger is bandaged with cheese for heaven’s sake! We ordered the pizza with sausage, pepperoni and meatballs of the Cannibals. Then we doused it with a familiar bottle of beer. They have a huge and monstrous drink menu that won’t scare you! I recommend making reservations, especially if you are taking a group that includes your mum”.

3. The Garret East table:

Wow, nothing like searching for your food. This small but infamous joint is hidden away so that only connoisseurs will know about this little gem. Fortunately, we did. Our colleague knew someone who knew someone who made reservations for us. It can only accommodate about 20 people and reservations are essential. It reminded me of Carrie and the girlfriends from Sex and the City who loved to hit new hot spots. Dinnertable’s Mexican food was delicious and was ready in a minute in NYC which is great news when you’re hungry after a long day in the city. The seafood was amazing and the simple fact that we were behind an anonymous, closed door made the experience super cool.

4. Freeman’s:

This delicious little beauty out of the way can be found in a Bowery Alley and has been serving spectacular food since 2004. Hmm, the mere idea of ​​eating in an alley might not be your alley, but think again. Freeman’s Restaurant is rustic and inspired by Old World American traditions, so there’s a bit of American history incorporated into every dish. I was wowed by the whole grilled Edenbrook trout, Beluga lentils and even their popular roast half chicken. My favorite was the Pan Roasted Tile Fish Crispy Potatoes, Black Lentils, Saffron Aioli, Spring Onion Dressing which I shared with my sister. Once you finally grab a table, you don’t want to leave it. The sensory experience is unlike any other and the service is tip and top notch. Freeman’s accepts reservations … get this … one month in advance and for groups over 13 you must reserve your table one year in advance. It’s planning! They say part of the dining room is a dining room, but if you decide to visit on a whim you might find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting at the bar and then eating there too.

5. Bohemian:

Exclusive, trendy and private, that’s how I would describe the Bohemian, a Japanese restaurant and bar. This hidden gem is accidentally located behind a butcher’s shop in Noho, Manhattan. The problem today is that you have to know someone to enter. I can’t even believe we got to score a table because it’s so exclusive and mysterious. I immediately fell in love with the low sofas, the artistic atmosphere and the Asian atmosphere. The historic building was once home to famous artist Andy Warhol, then popular 1980s graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. As someone who appreciates the arts, the creativity and history of this building was overwhelming and a bit humbling. Now for the food. Prepare your baguettes and your appetite because everything on the menu is extraordinary as is the environment. I ordered a bucket of oysters and enough saki for a sailor. Andy Warhol would have approved.

6. Tehuitzingo:

Que Pasa! OK I can never say it but I can definitely recommend it! This unique palate treat is hidden behind a bodega (a small grocery store in a Spanish speaking neighborhood), open until midnight and get this, just pay $ 3.00 for the one of the most memorable tacos of your life! This secret is located inside the Tehuitzingo Deli and Grocery in Hell’s Kitchen, which makes the experience even more memorable. Believe me, you won’t walk around hungry, far from it. The portions are family sized and deliciously authentic. Please note, there are no tables. That’s right. You get a belly stool against the counter or to lean on. All you need is your appetite and your Mexican sense of adventure. You can also grab a pot of salsa or other groceries for a snack to go later.

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