5 surprising travel rules for an exciting nomadic career

From my experience as a digital nomad, I have become a very efficient traveler.

Here are my top five tips for traveling while pursuing your nomadic career:

1. Don’t get tied up – Let’s face it: having a nomadic career – in other words, having the opportunity to earn money from anywhere – is easier if you don’t have a lot of personal responsibilities. If you have a wife and kids, it becomes more difficult to take risks and go into the wilderness. Not impossible, mind you. Just more complicated.

It has less to do with age than with engagement. Someone who is older and unattached has more freedom than someone fresh out of college who is married and has a child on the way. When other people depend on you for their livelihood, it limits your freedom.

2. Beware of material possessions – Things are beautiful. People like things. They like to own beautiful things like houses, fancy cars, expensive clothes, jewelry, etc. But when you pursue the nomadic lifestyle, the more things you take with you, the less freedom you have.

When it comes to material goods, the more things you own, the more those things you have, in my experience.

For example, if you have a nice car, you want to make sure you take care of it. You can take it to the car wash every week. You are very careful when driving it through the busy city streets so that it does not get scratched or dented. You will not let people eat or smoke in your car so that it does not stain or smell. After a while you are no longer the owner of the car, but almost like an employee of that car. You work for it, rather than the other way around.

For the nomad, the only asset you really need is cash such as cash or access to cash. Everything else can be bought along the way.

3. Keep moving – There is a whole world waiting for you. Along the way, you will constantly discover new beautiful places and exciting experiences. Keep moving so that you can see as much and experience as much as possible during your limited time here on Earth.

A nomadic career can provide you with the means. It will be up to you to provide the means.

4. Keep your mobile devices charged – It can be more complicated than it sounds, especially if your trip takes you to some of the most remote areas of the world where a reliable power supply is not guaranteed.

My advice is to invest in a portable power supply that you can keep charged all the time. You will be able to connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop so that you never lose power – and connection – with the source of your nomadic income: the Internet.

5. Track your happiness – The goal of pursuing a nomadic career is to do the things you want to do and to be in the places you want to be.

But happiness is not a destination or an activity. It is a state of mind. Follow the paths that make you the happiest, and avoid the ones that cause you anxiety and frustration. Simple advice that hardly anyone follows. Except nomadic warriors like you, of course.

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