5 reasons, so many reasons repeat what a politician tells them!


How many times have you heard, or read, etc., certain people articulate a position, based, rather than, on personal research, facts and / or facts, simply, political rhetoric, etc., a politician, proclaimed? Although in most polls the state, the public, hold most politicians in low esteem, especially when it comes to being honest / honorable, yet many believe they don’t have ever seen, such a degree of a politician resorting to the degree of lying, etc., as the 45th President of the United States! However, what could be, more worrying, is that, despite this, in this recent election, more than 74 million people voted to re-elect Donald Trump, despite it! Why are so many people just repeating what the current president is saying, without checking the facts? With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, examine, review, and discuss 5 possible reasons and / or explanations for this problem.

1. Brain – washed; credulous: Do these people, brainwashed and / or gullible, or do they just want it to be, because they perceive things in a specific way that they believe can be personally beneficial? Since then, politically – auditors, state, Trump has told more lies, and with greater frequency, than any of his predecessors, in recent memory, doesn’t it seem strange, his main supporters don’t seem to care, etc.?

2. It supports their personal / political agenda: Far too many, seem to ignore the facts, when they think a specific politician’s personal / political agenda best serves their personal interest! When lying becomes acceptable, and an individual’s agenda trumps that of the public, the nation and the citizens, become the losers!

3. Hatred / prejudice / bigotry: The level of hate crimes is almost the highest in recent memory. When the president, claims, white supremacists, etc. good people, and, assimilates them, to those who protest, in order to protect a specific freedom, etc., and so many others, still support him, and, either do not care, or, I do not know, they are lying – to , it seems that hatred, prejudice and fanaticism can be the cause!

4. Simplistic / populist / lazy: Common sense should tell us, the opinions of professionals and experts in the fields of public health, climate change and environmental protection should be considered, more important than rhetoric and instinct – feelings, of a so-called, stable genius! Is it because they are simplistic, believe populist rhetoric, or, too lazy, to focus on the best path, move forward?

5. They really want to believe: Wanting to believe, and hoping for things, to be, in a certain way, despite reality, or to consider options and alternatives, rarely, gets the best possible results!

We live in troubling and uncertain times, made worse, even worse, by the level of polarization, in this nation! Only when people seek the greatest good and a meeting of minds will we become, the best we can be!


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