5 Reasons Many Don’t Trust the American Political System!


Almost all surveys / polls indicate that the vast majority of Americans don’t seem to trust our American political system and / or most politicians! Because we have witnessed, for generations, the same – old, same – old, political – as usual, and we continue to discuss and complain about things that it seems will never change. , many believe, our citizens have become more and more apathetic, and, because, more eligible voters, did not exercise this right / privilege, this led to the unexpected election, in 2016, of Donald Trump , who seemed, to be, a rebel, against, this political swamp, etc! Wouldn’t we be better, served and represented, if our elected officials / leaders, systematically, put us first instead of their personal / political agenda and / or their personal interest! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, examine, revisit and discuss, 5 reasons, so many, do not seem to trust our political system.

1. Lack of ethics / no enforcement: While politicians, lacking, consistent and genuine ethics and / or ethical standards, are certainly nothing new, it seems, this administration, instead of draining the swamp, as Trump has promised, has created the biggest political swamp in recent times. Memory! Unlike his predecessors, however, President Trump doesn’t even seem to get through motions and disguise unethical and / or, potentially, unethical behavior, etc. Although we have laws, rules and regulations / guidelines on ethics, and even ethics watch dogs, since, it seems, there is very little enforcement, possible, when a president does not comply, it creates a situation that we have not seen recently. We need to learn from it and create a better app / restrictions, so that it doesn’t happen again in the future!

2. Constant lying / no penalties: When I watch certain political advertisements, I often realize that there is nothing but lies, distortions, etc. repeated, and few attempts at clarity or integrity. Since this president, according to political facts – the controllers, constantly, lies, in record numbers, and doesn’t seem to care (and his main supporters believe or don’t care), wouldn’t we, better served, if there were penalties / ramifications, constant lying?

3. Less ailments ?: Too often, instead of having choices, the public might want to believe it, many perceive our election choices / candidates as, simply, the choice of the lesser of evils! In 2016, many believe, we learned, it really makes a difference, who we elect!

4. Populism, rather than integrity, ethics, relevant and sustainable orientation: There is a danger, when people vote, according to what, a politician, proclaims, etc., above all, when this message, is, simply, populist, which simply tells people what they want to heat up! Wouldn’t voters feel more confident about the value of free elections, if we instead witnessed, much more, ethics and a relevant and sustainable direction?

5. Toxic tone / environment: When someone articulates a message, pitting people, against others, and making some believe, hatred, etc, is okay, it ends up risking, allowing this type of anti-social behavior, etc! The toxic tone of our political rhetoric is divisive and polarizing when we need unifying and better leadership!

Not surprisingly, so few Americans trust the American political system and / or politicians! Instead of accepting the same – old, same – old, we must demand higher standards of quality character from those we elect!


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