4 tips for packing fragile items for your big move


Moving is such a tedious task considering the multitude of things you have to pack. While some are easy to pack and place in boxes like clothes and other non-delicate items, some of your essentials will require special attention, like your fragile belongings. To help you with that endeavor, here are some quick tips you might want to follow.

Use protective covers. Fragile items tend to break easily, especially if they move around in the containers you chose to place them during the move. Fortunately, there are several wraps you can use to add an extra layer of protection to things you don’t want to damage. You can wrap them with old newspapers and other waste paper from your household. Bubble wraps are also great for use. Cottons, rugs, and old clothes can build up in boxes to make sure fragile items don’t move, but you still need to secure your items with duct tape as some materials tend to slip. Use as much tape as needed. Either way, you do this to ensure that the items will not break, bend, or be damaged.

Always prepare packing materials in advance. If time is your enemy during the move, you don’t want to be caught in a packing dilemma where some of your materials are missing, just like when boxing these things. It is always advisable to prepare in advance. Make sure you have with you any packaging, scissors, quality boxes, packing tapes, and other extras that you find useful for your packing tasks. Rest assured that much of your time will be saved!

Label the boxes containing fragile items. More than wrapping and wrapping tasks, you also need to remember which boxes actually contain the fragile items. Using your felt tip pen, write the word “Fragile” boldly, clearly and legibly. It will be a great reminder!

Remind your movers. While felt markers can actually speak for fragile items by telling people “Hey, I’m the box with the fragile items!”, You still need to tell movers which boxes have sensitive and easy-to-break items. Letting them know the content can also help them pay close attention to what they are carrying.

Whether fragile items are expensive or just those things with sentimental values, we hope the tips above will help you pack them neatly.


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