3 tips for a stress-free airplane flight with a toddler


A toddler’s first plane trip can be overwhelming for you and your child, especially when they tend to have temper tantrums. But don’t worry – with careful planning and preparation, it won’t be as bad as you think. Remember that you will have the support of flight attendants and possibly other relatives during the flight.

Here are 3 tips to try for a stress-free plane ride with a toddler:

Book an early morning flight

An early morning flight is ideal for toddlers and young children. Usually, flights are less congested and there is a better chance of avoiding take-off and landing delays. The best part is that early in the morning everyone always feels tired and drowsy, especially the kids – they’re more likely to want to take a nap during the flight.

It is also ideal for taking advantage of early flight check-in (for passengers with infants and children). You’ll be offered assistance and you’ll be the first to board the plane, which means you’ll be less likely to struggle down the aisle with an energetic toddler while carrying your luggage.

Pack just right

You don’t want to be the parent asking a flight attendant if there are any crayons or gummy worms available on the plane. Flights usually have limited options when it comes to food and items that will be suitable for children, so that’s what you prepare for.

You know better than anyone what your child likes and needs to keep busy. If your flight is short, a favorite snack, water, and a comfort item (a favorite toy, pacifier, etc.) should suffice. But if you have them for a long time, take the essentials (diapers, wipes, disinfectant, plastic bag for garbage, extra clothes), low-sugar snacks (pretzels, crackers, string cheese, granola bars, etc.), water, art supplies, a tablet (with your child’s favorite shows or movies), and headphones.

Don’t pack too much, remember that you will be carrying your luggage while looking after your little one!

Prepare your little one

Children better know what to expect as well. Turn him on – tell him all about your destination and that you will have to take a plane to get there. Show her videos or read books to her about other kids enjoying an airplane ride, which will help her feel more comfortable when the day comes.

Follow these 3 tips for a stress-free plane ride with a toddler!


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