1940’s Women’s Fashion Inventions

women in 1940
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1940’s Women’s fashion was a time of great restrictions on design, fabric, and trim materials. The war forced clothing designs to be simple yet it also forced manufactures to be creative with what they might use and invent new materials. The 1940’s caused new women’s fashion inventions many of which are still around today.

1.The girdle. before the 1940’s a women’s shape was made by metal boned corsets. within the 1940’s the girdle was invented as a sort of abdominoplasty underwear. It shaped just the center right down to the hips and created the graceful hourglass silhouette related to vintage fashions. The girdle was uncomfortable and was eventually replaced by nylons or no shaping undergarment in the least . Today the girdle returns with body shapers, control top stockings, control top underwear and other suck and smooth foundation garments. They name may have changed but these garments are just updated girdles in disguise.
2. Wedge shoes. Leather and wood was needed for the war so shoe designs had to urge creative. the answer was cork. A cork sole was used for shoe heels then wrapped during a pretty fabric, mesh or maybe reptile skin. it had been economical and allowed a taller heel then what was considered a secure heeled pump. Today wedgies are available and out of fashion, particularly in summer, when wedge sandals hit the beaches.
3. Rayon. If you didn’t know, Rayon may be a synthetic fabric. it had been invented and have become very fashionable within the 1940’s. Up till then wool, silk, and cotton was what clothing was made from . Silk and cotton were needed for the war so Rayon was used instead. It might be lightweight like silk or heavy like wool. Today rayon remains utilized in fine fabrics, especially in summer.
4. Nylons. before the 40’s women’s stockings were made from silk. They were very delicate and needed frequent mending and hand washing. Dupont then invented nylon and thus “Nylons” became a name for stockings. Today nylon remains wont to make all types of hosiery and fabrics.
5. The Zipper. because of new inventions of the 1940’s women can zipper clothing rather than using buttons, snaps or lacing.
6. Plastic. Although various sorts of plastic had been around since the 1920’s it wasn’t until the 1940’s that they really took center stage within the fashion world. Jewelry was made from Bakelite plastic in big colorful designs. Handbags, makeup case, and home items were being made from Lucite. you’ll not recognize these plastic names but i’m sure you’re aware that plastic is everywhere in fashion- from cute barrettes to zippers to purse handles.
7. Shoulder pads. you’ll think that the 1980’s were the primary decade to use shoulder bags. they really return much farther than the 1940’s but as a daily fashion accessory for ladies the 1940’s were the primary . They used shoulder pads in dresses, jackets, and blouses so as to face off the shoulder for a boxy military feel. The 1980’s were heavily influenced by 1940’s fashion and thus shoulder pads came back a la mode .


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